Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Saturday, May 21, 2011

...the gospel has truly come alive today! ~Chris Wood

While in Israel we have heard the Holy Land referenced constantly through the Fifth Gospel. Each site we have visited is a historian’s “best guess” of the events documented in the Bible, with the exception of today.

Today we went to three sites. Those sites included the mountain where the Beatitudes were preached, the spot Peter saw Jesus cooking fish after his resurrection, and Capernaum. All three of these sites were amazing! Totally amazing! My favorite however was Capernaum.
Capernaum reminded me of ruins that you would see on the History Channel. There was a temple there that I most definitely believe Jesus taught at. Incredible! It became increasingly more apparent that this WAS the town that Jesus spent his time in.

The Primacy of Peter was also awesome. The church looks huge from outside but it was actually quite small. It was neat to hear that Pope John Paul celebrated there in the year 2000.

In the location of the Sermon on the Mount, we got to experience being one of Jesus’ followers first hand. We all sat on the hillside and Father Hedman went down the hill and across the street to read the Beatitudes. He was probably 50 yards away and he could still be heard so clearly! It was amazing! I have always pictured Jesus being on top of the hill but because the hill is like an amphitheater, he must have preached from the bottom for everyone to hear.

I must say that the gospel has truly come alive today!

Thank you for your continued prayers,


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